Grantmaking Focus Areas

Polyphony Foundation

Kenneth Goldman Donor Fund makes grants in two areas of interest: the first is Arts and Community Building; the second is Food Waste Reduction.

Arts and Community Building
Throughout the ages, the arts have been used as a tool to communicate ideas and beliefs. The arts have been employed to enhance understanding and tolerance among people with different world views, or of differing races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, sexual identities, and ages. The arts have helped to open communication, inspire hope, address conflict and violence, and transform communities.

The Kenneth Goldman Donor Fund encourages projects and initiatives that use the arts as a bridge to build community. To that end, the Fund supports visual, literary, and performing arts programs that provide high-quality, sustained, and meaningful opportunities for diverse people to learn, create art together, build relationships, and take action to make change for the common good.

Food Waste Reduction
An estimated 40 percent of food produced in the United States is wasted — lost in processing, thrown away in restaurants and homes, rotting in farms and gardens, or discarded in landfills where it creates methane emissions and contributes to climate change. Yet at the same time this extraordinary amount is wasted, more than 50 million children, adults, and older Americans are hungry or uncertain when they will eat their next meal.

The Kenneth Goldman Donor Fund encourages projects and initiatives that bring affordable nutritious foods to communities. To that end, the Fund is especially interested in supporting organizations that recover healthy food and assure its distribution to hungry and food-insecure people.